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The German-Israeli Virtual Campus

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Freie Universität Berlin are jointly developing the German-Israeli Virtual Campus (GIVCA), a platform for the strategic joint development of digital teaching initiatives and for the implementation of joint research projects. The goal of this project is to go beyond the two initial universities and to have a long-term impact on the use of digital technologies in teaching, research and the internationalization of universities.

Goals of GIVCA: 

  • Shaping the digital future of German-Israeli cooperation in higher education through the development of joint digital teaching and learning projects
  • Development of recommendations for the strategic use of cutting-edge technology and media in international cooperation in higher education
  • Digitalization of specific teaching components or of complete online study programs to expand curriculums and make use of reciprocal fields of expertise
  • Connecting the strategically important fields of digitalization and internationalization at German and Israeli universities with a focus on research and teaching
  • Advancing innovative digital didactic approaches, research, and the integration of technological advancement in science